Not to be confused with Christine, Christine, Kristine, Kristen or Kristen Doute.

Cristine has appeared on YouTubers React. Her YouTube channel is Simply Nailogical. Her first appearance was in YouTubers React to Chair Flip Challenge Compilation. One of her videos, "100+ Coats Challenge (#POLISHMOUNTAIN)", was the subject of a College Kids React episode (to which Cristine herself reacted later).



Appearance Episode Extra Type Episode Number
1 YouTubers React to Chair Flip Challenge Compilation EXTRA REACTIONS - YouTubers React to Chair Flip Challenge (Extras #100) YouTubers React 100
2 YouTubers React to Oddly UNsatisfying Compilation YouTubers React 101
3 YouTubers React to Russian Music Videos (Leningrad) | Ленинград YouTubers React 104
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