LOST Parodies were a series of sketches produced by the Fine Brothers. It premiered on the FBE channel in January 2008 and ran until November 2010. Each episode was a parody of the TV series Lost and features the characters from lost as well as characters from different franchises such as Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. Each character was an action figure with a voice-over. Each episode ends with the death of Hurley.



Number Episode Page Extra
1 LOST Parody #1 - Star Wars Page
2 Pirates of the Caribbean - LOST Parody #2 Page
3 LOST Parody #3 - Harry Potter Page
4 LOST Parody #4 - Lord of the Rings Page
5 LOST Parody #5 : Indiana Jones & the Mystery of LOST Island Page


Number Episode Page Extra
- LOST: What Will Happen Next? - Season 2 Teaser Trailer Page
6 LOST Parody #6 - Heroes Page
7 LOST Parody #7 - Batman (Full Episode) Page
8 LOST Parody #8 - NY Yankees Page
9 LOST Parody #9 - Star Trek: The LOST Generation Page
10 Twilight Parody - Lost What Will Happen Next #10 Page


Number Episode Page Extra
11 LOST Parody #11 - Full Metal Alchemist Page Behind The Scenes - LOST Full Metal Alchemist
12 LOST Parody #12 - AVATAR Page Rough Cut - LOST Avatar Parody
13 LOST Parody #13 - WATCHMEN Page ROUGH CUT- LOST Parody: Watchmen
14 LOST Parody #14 - Battlestar Galactica Page
15 LOST Finale! (Parody #15 w/ Halo) Page LOST Series Finale (Behind The Scenes)
16 TWILIGHT is LOST (Parody #16) Page TWILIGHT is LOST Behind The Scenes!
17 LOST: Hurley's Death (Interactive) START HERE Page Hurley's Death Behind The Scenes Interactive
18 LOST Parody #18- Transformers and Scooby Doo Page Behind the Scenes - LOST Parody Transformers and Scooby Doo
19 LOST Parody #19- Toy Story (Series Finale) Page BEHIND THE SCENES- LOST Toy Story

Toy Story LOST Bloopers

- Every Death Scene! Page