React to That was the first television show done by the Fine Brothers. It was a more kid-friendly version of the Kids React and Teens React shows, featuring Reactors watching various videos, albeit with differences such as the absence of the "Question Time" segment. The cast was mostly the same from the YouTube series, along with guest stars and new additions, three of whom joined the Teens cast the following year.

It aired on Nickelodeon for over two weeks, beginning on December 15, 2014 and ending on January 1, 2015. It aired every weekday - despite the fact it was originally envisioned as a weekly show - a run of 12 episodes, with a 13th that was ordered by the network never being aired. In Episode 15 of the FBE Podcast, Benny and producer Jon note the show actually got good ratings.

Segments Edit

  • Finish the Story - One of the Reactors break down their prediction of what happens next in the viral video.
  • Challenge - The Reactors try to challenge and attempt to surpass goal and achievements done in the viral videos they watch. In a podcast, it was noted as "original generation Challenge Chalice".
  • Don't Smile Challenge - Like on the Try Not To Laugh Challenge (already featured on the YouTubers React segment, later spun into its own show), the Reactors have to try to not laugh. If they smile or laugh, they're eliminated.
  • Which is...? - The Reactors vote which of the two viral videos is better.
  • Real Or Fake - The Reactors determine if the viral video is actually real or faked.
  • Remix - Similar to the Challenge Segment, the Reactors try to replicate the stunts and tricks seen on the video.
  • What Was Your Favorite? - The concluding segment where the Reactors pick their favorite viral videos of the episode.


Originally from Kids React
Picture Name Number of appearances
Brooke-Monaé 11
Cooper 2
Dash 2
Elle 3
Emma R. 2
Evan 11
Jayka 3
Kacey 6
Krischelle 12
Lucas 12
Marlhy 4
Megan 7
Morgan A. 3
Morgan 12
Paris 7
Samirah 5
Shannon 8
Sydney 5
Thomas 6
Tyler 9
Dani Cimorelli 2
Lauren Cimorelli 2
Originally from Teens React
Picture Name Number of appearances
Adam 8
Chelsea 2
Ethan 5
Jeannie 6
Lia 8
Seth 5
Tori 6
Troy 4
Eventually moved to Teens React
Picture Name Number of appearances
Becca 6
Reina 6
Will 10

Episodes Edit

Episode Code Episode Title Airdate Videos Featured
S1E1 Fart Attack and World's Largest Slingshot December 15, 2014
  • World's Largest Slingshot
  • Fart Attack
  • Paper Airline Distance Record
  • Dog Siren
  • Becks Snores Like A Duck
  • Pumped Up Kicks/Dubstep
  • 3 Year Old Must Argue
  • Never Ending Sneezing Bear
  • Do You Like Waffles?
  • Sheep Walking On Two Legs
  • Kitten Vs. Tail
  • 10 Hits In 10 Seconds
  • Mr. G And Jellybean
S1E2 Can't Stop the Headbang and Baby Monkey December 16, 2014
  • Zach King Vines
  • Can't Stop The Headbang
  • Fastest Clementine Peel
  • Domino Fail
  • Bike Blooper
  • Slo-Mo Water Baloon
  • Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos
  • You Forgot The Blueberries
  • Baby Monkey On A Pig
  • Cookies Kid
  • Gorilla Vs. Goose
  • Dog Steals Cabbage
  • Kido's First Shell Game
S1E3 Skydive Out Front Door and Guitar Impossible December 17, 2014
  • Skydiving Out My Front Door
  • Frog Jumps In Girl's Mouth
  • Most Baseballs In One Hand Held Upside Down
  • Longest Football Spin
  • Most Ping Pong Hits On The Spine Of The Paddle
  • Twins Dancing To Daddy's Guitar
  • Sleepy Spaghetti Twins
  • Guitar Impossible
  • HowToBasic Videos
  • Weird Laughing Workout
  • The World's Larges Pile Of Fingernail Clippings
  • Baby LED Costume
  • Daring Doggy Dentist
  • Self Siphoning Beads
S1E4 Geese Tsunami and Bubble Wrap Bike December 18, 2014
  • Hair Music
  • My Beatboxing Niece
  • Patience Test
  • Cornhole Prodigy
  • Anamorphic Illusions
  • Kitten Falls Asleep
  • Baby Falls Asleep
  • Halloween Dog Parade
  • Badgers, Badgers, Badgers
  • Dog Response To Human Barking
  • Geese Tsunami
  • Bubble Wrap Bike
  • One Man, 155 Shirts
S1E5 Insane Domino Tricks and Hamster on a Piano December 19, 2014
  • Baaaa
  • Frisbee Trick Shots
  • Amazing B-Ball Juggling Tricks
  • Biggest Chicken Egg
  • World Record Toilet Paper Un-Roller
  • Hamster On A Piano
  • Mishka The Talking Husky
  • I Don't Even Know
  • Rubber Band Vs. Watermellon
  • Duck Attack
  • Baby Laughing At Ripping Paper
  • Escaping Baby Pandas
  • Insane Domino Tricks
S1E6 Magic Beard and Speed Boat Frisbee Catch December 22, 2014
  • Human Bowling
  • Noah's Photo Day For 12 Years
  • Egg Face Balance
  • Dog Sees Dad After 6 Months
  • Dog Licks Baby
  • Guitar Basketball
  • Magic Beard
  • I Feel Dizzy
  • Mama Bear Rescues Cub
  • Speed Boat Frisbee Challenge
  • Matty The Sloth
  • Fingers In Mouth
  • The Bucket Prank
S1E7 Sleeping While Skiing and Cat vs. Friend December 23, 2014
  • Wheelchair Freestyle
  • Bowling Trick Shots
  • Dog Sees Newborn
  • Mass Of Daddy Long-legs
  • Bee Swarm Car
  • Cat Friend Vs. Dog Friend
  • Ivan On Winter Walk
  • Chicken Fiddler
  • Bode Sleeping While Skiing
  • T-Rex Illusion
  • Bizzle Has A Snack
  • Crazy Eyes
  • Ping Pong Ball Tricks
S1E8 Gross Baby Sneeze and Two Guys 600 Pillows December 24, 2014
  • Thomas Sanders Vines
  • Original Bike Tricks
  • BMX Tricks
  • Smart 4 Year Old
  • Sprinkles Kid
  • Surprise Haircut
  • Magic For Dogs
  • Cooper Love Ice Cream
  • Cat Vs. Balloon
  • Owl In My House
  • Man Does 30 Animal Sounds
  • 2 Guys 600 Pillows
S1E9 Santa Parkour and Praying Mantis Attacks December 26, 2014
  • Parkour Santa
  • Praying Mantis Attacks!
  • How To Eat An Apple Like A Boss
  • Dog Slams Door Shut
  • Dog Pushes Buggy
  • Hyperactive
  • It's Too Heavy
  • Dog Pees Weird
  • Ultimate Handshake
  • Air Horn Prank
  • Murmuration Of Bird
  • April Fools Shadow
  • Most Snorts In 10 Seconds
S1E10 Pizza Slap and Nugget in a Biscuit December 29, 2014
  • How Animals Eat Their Food
  • Baltimore Landslide
  • Pizza Slap Record
  • Tiger Cubs
  • Lion Tries To Eat Baby
  • Spider Hiding Himself
  • Most Insane Rope Swing
  • Pretty Girl Makes Faces
  • Old Man Crying Like A Baby
  • Nugget In A Biscuit
  • Shampoo Prank
  • World's Fastest Clapper
S1E11 T-Shirt War and Girl Burps the Alphabet December 30, 2014
  • Crazy Leg Talent
  • Cows & Cows & Cows
  • Raining Food
  • Otters Holding Hands
  • Meerkat Tickle
  • I Love Cats
  • T-Shirt War
  • Mommy's Nose Is Scary
  • Dog Escapes Kitchen
  • Girl Burping
  • Highway Prank
  • Titus Trick Shots
S1E12 Snail Attack and Hallway Swimming January 1, 2015
  • High Five For First Kiss
  • Fenton
  • 4 Girl Chair Trick
  • Fastest Pizza Cutter
  • Hallway Swimming
  • Talking Twin Babies
  • The Shamwoohoo
  • Never Again Grace
  • Potion Overdose
  • Maker Vs. Marker
  • Amazing Rat Tricks
  • Lucky Money Catch