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Rank Reactor Number of Episodes
1. Tom 191
2. Tori 189
3. Seth 177
4. Adam 169
5. Benny 165
6. Rafi 161
7. Lucas 161
8. Ethan 158
9. Labib 154
10. Sydney 153

Last updated 26. May 2020

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Welcome to The Fine Bros Wiki!

The Fine Bros Wiki is a fan-run online encyclopedia that anyone can edit for everything related to Fine Bros Entertainment including the React series', sketches, TV shows and more. FBE is run by brothers Benny and Rafi Fine. FBE currently has more than 20 million subscribers and REACT has more than 12 million subscribers. They also have a secondary channel called FBE2 and a Twitch channel called FBELive.

The wiki is currently being brought up to date. Feel free to edit and add to the current 1,687 articles.

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Reactors Birthdays in February

Today is Alix' birthday!

February 1stJihyo and Paris
February 2ndCAELI, Ingrid Nilsen and Natalie Halcro
February 3rdColedias Wilson
February 4thDaisy and Hannibal Buress
February 5thSara Foster
February 6thAlison Haislip, Ashby, Derek and Dominic Sherwood
February 7thDavid Castro, Gabbie Hanna and JACKSEPTICEYE
February 8thKairi Cosentino and Molly Burke
February 9thCharlie Day and Johnny
February 10thArlene, CalebCity, Chloë Grace Moretz, Johnny Wu, Jordan Maron and Rob Czar
February 11thEthan James, Isaiah Mustafa, Jack Howard, Matt Sallee and Mike Shinoda
February 12thKayla
February 13th

February 14thAlberto Rosende, Chris L., Gabe, Julie, Noah Grossman and Rock
February 15thPhil
February 16thAlex Aiono and Jimmy Tatro
February 17thKristen Doute
February 18thChristian Cimorelli, Dominic Andre and Jennifer
February 19thAshnikko, Claudia Sulewski, Cody and Joey Cimorelli
February 20thOlivia Rodrigo
February 21stLeah Lewis and Solar
February 22ndElliott Morgan and Katrina
February 23rdAzzy and Rebecca
February 24thRachel Levin
February 25thVirginia
February 26th
February 27thAlix
February 28th
February 29thCole and Elise



Benny and Rafi Fine are the creators of FBE channel and run Fine Bros Entertainment. They created their YouTube channel in June 2007. Their first videos were mainly sketches. They went on to create many video series including Spoilers, LOST Parody, Emo Dad, and Last Moments of Relationships. They are most well known for their series of react videos. The first was Kids React to Viral Videos #1 (Double Rainbow, Obama Fail, Twin Rabbits, Snickers Halloween) which was released on October 16th 2010. This was very successful and led to the Fine Bros producing other react series such as Teens, Elders, and Adults React.

The Fine Brothers also produced a transmedia web series called MyMusic which had two series and ran from April 2012 - January 2014. The Fine Brothers have produced two TV series: React to That which aired 12 episodes on Nickelodeon from December 2014 - January 2015, and Six Degrees of Everything which aired on TruTV from August - October 2015. They were also the hosts of Six Degrees of Everything. The Fine Bros produced an online video series available through YouTube Red called Sing It.


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